Ing. Jozef Kardoš 
Founder and Executive Director

He has a degree in flight operation from the University College of Business in Prague. After graduation, he worked as a transport pilot at KLM and he specialized in technical ability in flight operation and flight technology service. After finishing further education in welding and NDT at the Welding Research Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia, he received the international certificates IWE and VT 2 in nondestructive testing of special materials in pharmaceutical and food industry. It was thanks to his experience in this specific area that he decided to found Profileitung.

Dušan Judiak
Founder and Financial Director

He graduated from the industrial high school in Nižná, Slovakia. With his 5 years of experience in food and pharmaceutical industry he started to work on installations of production lines and Hi-Tech technologies mainly in the countries of Western Europe, where he accumulated useful experience in this area and he decided to found Profileitung.


Katarína Bošková
Project Manager

She studied German at the school of languages in Povazska Bystrica, Slovakia. Afterwards, she continued her studies at the grammar school in Puchov. She has put these language skills to use in her professional life, especially in countries of Western Europe. She works in our company as a project manager mainly in areas where the language of communication is German. Her main job description is communication with clients, managing projects and logistics.


Ing. Ondrej Zenik
HSE Manager


He has a degree in fire safety and occupational safety from the Technical University in Zvolen. His professional experience in this area is a warranty that he delivers high-quality professional work for our company. As an HSE manager, he supervises fire safety, employees' safety and carries out risk assessment of our projects. He is in charge of training our employees in OSH.