Profileitung works on civil, mechanichal, structural and pipe fitting projects with offers and solutions in several industrial spheres. It mostly includes pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food, chemical, energy (nuclear power plants included) and rafinery industries. Engineering services include projecting, technical solutions and designing in 3D, pipe design, prototype segments and configurations, site management in all standards with subsequent installation in Europe and overseas.
Profileitung meets the highest standards using state-of-the art software in design and implementing modern and industry-appropriate technological solutions as well. We also provide services for welding corporations as a subcontractor, partial supplier and also as an All-in partner. Our main advantage is providing flexible services with well-trained workers with ample experience in this area. Thanks to our internal information system PFFW we have been able to complete many projects and installations according to the customer's wishes. We would like to use this database as an opportunity to process similar projects for your company.
Besides the base of qualified plumbers, we have well-experienced experts in NDT QA/QC sphere and IWT/IWE specialists in the welding process. At Profileitung we proudly respect a moral codex, maintain integrity and trust in bussiness relations. We respect copyright and bussiness commitments and we believe in open and transparent cooperation. Our philosophy is to provide an opportunity for our partners to develop their own business. We will be your partners from the early stages of CAD Engineering, through project realisation, up to providing warranty and post-warranty service. We are proud to have entered into long-term business relationships with the majority of our partners.