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  1. Assembly and welding

    Assembly and welding

    Our services include assembly and welding in various industries. We have experience with dairies, cheese factories, breweries, as well as pharmaceutical production plants or nuclear power plants.

  2. Orbital welding

    Orbital welding

    Profileitung uses orbital welding technology to manufacture tube welds on technological equipment in pharmaceutical, food, biotechnological and automotive industries. To meet high demands on the quality of welds, we employ certified and experienced welders, while the same requirements apply to them and to the top quality of automated machinery.

  3. Quality and NDT control

    Quality and NDT control

    Experienced welding technologists at Profileitung realize how important every step is in welding stainless steel and they ensure that overall quality of the work is as high as possible.

  4. CAD engineering

    CAD engineering

    In the field of CAD engineering, Profileitung is an international partner in pharmaceutical, food, energy and automotive industries. It provides complete planning of plant and equipment constructions, especially heating, air-conditioning or programming of complete production lines for construction, including technical documentation.

  5. Site management

    Site management

    Profileitung covers comprehensive construction management, which includes coordinated construction management according to the approved schedule, leading regular inspection days, regular reports to the client or processing possible changes and suggestions, including discussion with the concerned authorities.

  6. Service and maintenance

    Service and maintenance

    Profileitung provides service for all systems installed by it, their parts and technological units. We ensure warranty and post-warranty servicing, which we provide upon the client's written request.  We also carry out commissioning of the equipment and provide malfunction repairs both during the warranty period and after it has expired on delivered parts for food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. Provided that the work is operated in due manner and that the prescribed maintenance of the equipment is carried out at the recommended intervals, we provide material and a warranty for a period of 36 months from the date of the handover protocol and its confirmation by the contractor and the client.


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Abbott Pharmaceuticals

Construction of a hormone tablet production line for the American multinational company Abbott Pharmaceuticals in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. A total of 10,056 hours of work were delivered within this project.

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Installation of fermentation tanks at Haacht brewery in Belgium with a total number of 12,456 hours worked.

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Installation of new production lines for the production of high heat resistant chocolate intended for the United Arab Emirates market for the Belcolade chocolate factory based in Aalst, Belgium. A total of 8,531 hours worked.

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Construction of a production plant for the American multinational pharmaceutical company Biogen in Lutterbach, Switzerland, with an Alzheimer's disease research center. Our employees worked 5,626 hours to install fermentation vessels.

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Modernization of a vaccine production line at the pharmaceutical corporation GlaxoSmithKline in Wavre, Belgium. We delivered a total of 6,587 hours for this project.

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